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Cherubs have a rich history in Australia. Since making the transit from New Zealand in the early 1960s they have provided challenging, exciting and practical sailing to thousands of people, many of whom have gone onto illustrious sailing careers in other classes. Look amongst our alumni for America’s Cup Sailors, Volvo Ocean Racers, J.J. Giltinan Winners, Olympians, and Sydney to Hobart regulars alike.

Cherubs are an attractive class because of the exhilaration of their downwind rides, made possible by their light builds and asymmetric spinnaker design. Modern Cherubs regularly hit speeds of approaching 25 knots downwind under windy conditions. These speeds are not only exceptional fun but accessible to sailors of any age and skill level; our current fleet ranges from ages 11 to 65! This makes us both an optimal training class for other high performance boats and an enduring home for many gifted sailors.

Each Cherub is a unique craft, not an off-the-shelf product, which encourages innovation throughout the fleet. Many of our sailors are hobbiest boat builders, tinkerers and professional shipwrights, sailmakers, riggers alike, ensuring our position at the forefront of dinghy sailing technology. More importantly, the speed through which this innovation spreads across an amateur fleet displays the sportsmanship of our sailors, and their willingness to share ideas to achieve excellence in sailing. We all like to go fast, and it’s best done in good company. This camaraderie is one of the things we are most proud of as Cherub sailors.

Both women and men sail Cherubs, as both skippers and as crews. Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, brother and sister, and parent and child combinations are commonly observed amongst our ranks. There are few other skiff classes in the world that can boast this level of diversity in their fleet.

The wider Cherub community includes many parents, friends and family members who follow the class, lending a hand on rescue boats, as onshore radio assistance, start boat personnel and more. The Cherubs are welcoming, and exceptional fun, both on and off the water. Please, come down to any of our Clubs, and join us to see for yourself!

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SeaGal Media asked Cherub sailors this question at the 58th Australian National Championships - see video below for their answers. 

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