NSW Cherub States Round 3 Coming Up

Will we see you on the water at Saratoga?

The third and final round of the NSW Cherub State Championship for 2023/24 will be held at Saratoga Sailing Club on the 9th and 10th of March. We look forward to seeing who will come out on top after three rounds of tight racing. After sailing we also hope to see everyone partake in some Cherub merriment, for which there will be more info below.

Remember, it's not too late to register! If you'd like to join us for the last round, please enter here 

Some Housekeeping

Our rigging area for the weekend will be the oval beside the club. Cars will not be permitted on the field so please unhitch your trailers in the carpark to the left of the club and wheel them onto the grass, keeping as close to the club as possible.
Once boats have been unloaded and your cars have been emptied, please find parking slightly up the road along the entry track or in the tennis court parking spaces. This will allow us plenty of space to pitch tents close to the club for the night. 

Saratoga Sailing Club will be hosting a dinner for us all on Saturday evening. Food will be $30 per head. The fridges have also been stocked with some Cherub favourites ready for some thirsty sailors. Big thank you in advance to the lovely volunteers who will be taking care of us behind the canteen in the evening.

Planning to camp beside the club over the weekend? Great idea! A spot to pitch your tent will cost $10 per head which can be paid over the canteen on Saturday morning. Expert advice is to pack plenty of bug repellent as the mosquitos are out in full force.

Breakfast will be available at the canteen on Sunday morning in the form of egg and bacon rolls on the balcony.

We will be presenting the State Championship awards on Sunday afternoon before you all race home. If you are in possession of a perpetual trophy from last season it is sadly time to say your final goodbyes so they may be passed on to the next winners. Please make sure you do not leave Sydney or Belmont without them in your car!

And finally, the most important bit of information you will need for this weekend. We are pleased to announce on Saturday night we will be hosting the second official

Cherub SaraTOGA Party!

We will be transporting Saratoga Sailing Club back to Ancient Greece. So please, pinch your crispest sheets from the linen cupboard and queue up a Youtube tutorial on toga wrapping in preparation for a great night on the verandah.