Notice to Competitors - Round 4 Cherub NSW State Championship (Thu 7 March 2019)


2018-19 Cherub NSW State Championship

Supplimentary Instructions for Round 4

to be held at Georges River Sailing Club on

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th March 2019.

These instructions shall be read in conjunction with the standard Sailing Instructions published by the Cherub Association of New South Wales for the 2018-2019 Season. Download as pdf here

1 Rules

Appendix “T” – Arbitration – shall apply.

3. Notices to Competitors

The official Notice Board will be in the regatta office of GRSC located on the ground floor at the Eastern end of the Clubhouse adjacentto the undercover car park.

5. Signals made ashore

Signals made ashore will be displayed on the regatta flagmast located at the western end of the Clubhouse adjacent to the boat ramp.

13. Racing

13.1 Course area

The racing area will be on the waters of Georges river and Botany Bay. Attachment A shows the location of the racing areas. It is the intention of the Race Committee to conduct racing on course area A, however at their sole discretion racing may be relocated to area B due to the weather conditions or any other reason.

13.2 Marks

Mark A (windward mark) will be a yellow inflatable mark.

Mark B (wing mark) will be a yellow inflatable mark

Mark C (leaward mark) will be a pink inflatable mark.

Start and Finish Marks will be Green inflatable marks with an orange band.

13.3 The Start

The starting line will be located between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel and the course side of the start mark.

The starting line will be located aproximately 200 metres to windward of the leaward mark.

The race committee vessel may hold its position by using engines. Any effects will not be grounds for granting redress. This alters RRS 60.1(b) and 62.

13.3 The Finish.

The finishing line will be located between a staff displaying an orange flag on the race committee vessel and the course side of the finish mark.

The finish line for Course A will be located aproximately 200 metres to windward of mark C.

The finish line for Course B will be located aproximately 100 metres to windard of mark A.

The finish line location wil be signalled from the Race Committee Vessel on a board displaying the letter A or B.

14 Format and Courses

14.1 Courses

The course to be sailed will be Start-A-B-C-A-C-Finish.

All marks shall be left to port.

14.2 Change of the next leg of the course.

To change the next leg of the course, the Race Committee will move the original mark (or the finish line) to a new position. The change will be signaled before the leading boat has begun the leg, although the mark may not be in position.

20 Safety.

The skipper or the crew of each boat shall personally sign on before leaving the beach and shall sign off on returning to the beach.

Sign on and sign off sheets will be located in the Race Office.

Failure to sign on may result in the boat being disqualified from the first race of the day without a hearing , failure of a boat to sign off may result in the boat being disqualified from the last race of the day, without a hearing. The changes rules A4, A5 and 63.1.

Notice to Competitors.

1 Parking

Parking of cars and trailors is allowed on the grass area adjacent to the parking area between Sanoni Ave and the clubhouse. Entry to this area is through the gate to be found oposite to the clubhouse and the roadway leading to the ramp to the beach.

Parking is strictly patrolled by the Council Rangers, cars with parking permits displayed on their dashboard are permitted to park on the grassed area, competitors and their guests must obtain a parking permit on arrival from the Race Office registration desk.

2 Temporary Membership.

All competitors and their Guests will be given temporary membership to the Club for the Weekend.

Temporary Membership cards are available from the race office registration desk.

3. Entertainment

There is a coffee shop adjcent to the rigging area that will be open from 6am both days.

Also the Main Club upstairs is open from 11am and there are both coffee shop and bistro meals and bar available until closing at midnight.

There will be a band on in the main Club on Saturday night. All competitors and their guests are welcome to attend.

There is a limited amount of room in the downstairs areas of the Club where anyone wishing to stay over night are welcome to camp.