Modern composite construction methods have made it possible to build your own Cherub at home, either from scratch using a jig or by buying a hull shell and finishing it with frames, floors and decks. It is not an easy task but it is a manageable one. More than half the boats in the current Cherub fleet were fully or partially built by their original owners.

Hull shells for the very successful Matthews design are available in full carbon fibre construction from the Matthews brothers in Brisbane. For details and prices call Brendan Matthews on (07) 3274 5751.

More information on the Matthews boats can be found here.

The majority of new Cherubs are now being built with full carbon fibre composite construction using ambient temperature epoxies and closed cell foam.

A number of construction jigs are available for successful designs such as The Lairy Canary. For information on how to acquire an existing jig contact

Technical assistance is available from experienced Cherub builders in each Australian state who are able to provide advice on design and construction and on details such as materials and lay-up design. For technical advice contact

Building your own one off design is also quite feasible and a very rewarding experience.

Brothers at Heart (LINK TO PDF Australian Sailing Jan 2005)

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