Design and Construction

The Cherub is a 'restricted' class as distinct from a 'one design' class. This feature allows amateur designers and builders flexibility in complying with maximum and minimum measurement restrictions and permits boats to be rigged and tuned to allow for a wide range of crew sizes.

Being a 'restricted' class also allows Cherub owners to choose their own gear from a wide range of suppliers of spars, sails, foils and fittings and to individually tailor they way that they set out their control systems.

On the pages below you will find information on recent trends in Cherub hull design, rigging and equipment.

Batteries Not Included Heart Shaped Box

Gear Used by the top boats

Perth Nationals 2006-07
Adelaide Nationals 2005-06
Sydney Nationals 2004-05
Belmont Nationals 1999-2000

Hull Design



Rolf Lunsmann July 2006