Cherub History

Cherubs have a rich history in Australia. Since the early 1960s they have provided challenging, exciting and practical sailing to thousands of people, many of whom have gone on to illustrious sailing careers in other classes. The articles set out here showcase part of that rich history.

The articles have been drawn from Australia’s most popular sailing magazines of their times, Power, Boat and Yachting, Modern Boating, Seacraft and Australian Sailing. They represent a record of achievement at National and International Championship level and a history of the design development of the class.

In some cases the articles contained in these pages may contain errors of spelling, of boat name, of placings or of fact. Where these have been found they have been corrected despite the fact that the original publication may have contained the error. If readers are able to pass on advice about any other errors they will be attended to in future editions.

We would welcome your feedback and comment on the articles and any information that may fill some of the gaps that exist in the record of achievement in the class. If you would like to provide feedback you can do so at:

Honour Roll of National and International Cherub Championships

- Australian Championship Reports

- International Championship Reports

History of Cherub Design in Australia

NSW State Honour Roll

NSW State Honour Roll Handicap

Author Rolf Lunsmann, Last Updated March 2012