Information for Cherub States @ VA12SC (Sat 4 February 2017)



Hi All,

We are all looking forward to you joining us for the Cherub State Championships on Sunday 5th February to be held at Vaucluse Amateur 12ft Sailing Club.

Following is important information for:


  • Arriving via Water or via Road

  • Rigging & Launching

  • No Litter

  • Briefing

  • Course

  • Sign-on / Sign-off

  • Storage – Saturday Night

  • Food & Drinks

  • Bathroom and Change Facilities

  • Presentation

  • Leaving on Sunday afternoon

  • Traffic Flow management – Marine Parade


Arriving via water to Gibson’s Beach – Arrival time from 8AM

  • Please make your way to Gibson’s Beach which is north of the club house (see map on link below).


  • The rigging area is in the Reserve (Park) behind this small harbour beach. Please anchor a good distance off the beach, and be aware of swimmers. Dogs are discouraged and not permitted at the club house.


  • The Council has issued a permit for the use of Gibson’s Beach Reserve. For rigging and overnight storage of boats and cradles/trolleys (but NO trailers – these have to parked on the street).


Arriving via road – Arrival from 8AM (See Map)

We will require all attending competitors with boats arriving by road to make their way to Marine Parade, Watsons Bay – you will need to unload & wheel your boat into Gibson’s Beach Reserve. All care is to be taken when accessing the area to deliver and collect boats. Pedestrian access will have right of way. Cars and trailers are not permitted in the reserve so as soon as possible please move your car and trailer to a parking spot in the surrounding streets. There will be many cars arriving via road, parking marshals will be available to assist with unloading and directions. Plan on arriving early as parking can be tight in the surrounding streets, particularly if it’s a sunny day.

Google Map – Street View of Unload turning point for Gibson’s beach reserve

You will be able to find parking in Hopetoun Ave or The Crescent near the access to the VA12SC Club house - which is accessed via Wharf Road off Hopetoun Avenue (corner of The Crescent). Access to the club house from Wharf Road is via foot. No Cars or trailers are to access Wharf Road.

Please check signage when parking and please do not block or impede anyone’s driveways

Pedestrian access to Gibson’s Beach Reserve from Hopetoun Ave is via a path at the end of

Palmerston St (there is no parking in Palmerston St)

IMPORTANT – There is no parking available in Wharf Road and access thru the club for boats is not permitted. Access to the club via wharf Road is via foot only. Thank you.

Rigging and Launching

Rigging and launching for all visiting competitors will be from Gibson’s Beach Reserve. Please store boats & cradles in an orderly fashion. Public access along the foreshore must be maintained at all times. Rigging or storage of boats on the Promenade is prohibited. Please take direction from the parking and/or beachmarshals.

No Litter

Please keep beach & reserve tidy and remove any rubbish and place in bins.


There will be a briefing in the VA12SC Club House at midday. The Club House is 5-8 mins walk from Gibson’s Beach Reserve. Please do not drive across to the club an down Wharf Road – there are no parking spots anywhere on Wharf Road.


The Course will be posted in the morning on the Club notice board before the briefing.

Sign-on & Sign-off

Sign on and Sign off will be manually in the club house near the notice board. There is no Regatta Tool Box sign on this race.

Storage – Saturday night

Visiting boats can be stored overnight on Gibson’s Beach Reserve (All storage at the beach is at the owner’s risk).

Food and Drinks

There will be food and drinks available in our club house before and after the race.

For those arriving early there is a Breakfast BBQ including bacon and egg rolls will be available to purchase each morning at the club from approx. 8.30AM.

Lunch such as filled rolls, sandwiches, drinks & other items will be available to purchase from the Canteen for all competitors and supporters.

The post race sausage sizzle is free for competitors. Other food and drinks will be available for purchase post-race as well.

Bathroom and Change Facilities

Bathroom & change room facilities will be available at Vaucluse Amateur 12 Sailing Club.

There are also public change rooms opposite the Watsons Bay Baths in the Council public toilets and change rooms at “The Tea Garden” Coffee Shop at 8 Marine Parade (2 mins walk North from Gibson’s Beach Reserve)

Google Map Street view of the Council Change rooms and toilets at “The Tea Gardens”


After the conclusion of racing there will be a presentation in the VA12SC Club House.

Departing on Sunday afternoon

After the conclusion of racing and the sausage sizzle, please de-rig on the grass at Gibson’s Beach Reserve and exit via Marine Parade, Watson’s Bay.

Remember parking is limited in Marine Parade so do not leave your vehicle unattended while loading your trailer or car. Please be mindful of others accessing the parking in Marine parade.

Traffic Flow management – Marine Parade

Subject to the numbers of boats arriving and departing via road the club may need to station a volunteer to manage the traffic flow in Marine Parade. Please listen to their directions.

Club House – Food and Drinks

Our club house has a great view of most of the course area. Please come and enjoy watching the racing from the deck while having a bite to eat. We will have our canteen staffed serving hot and cold food, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Please reach out to all your Cherub fleets and help us plan a successful and fun event. VA12SC like all of your clubs is run by a collection of volunteers, and we aim to make this Regatta a fun experience for all.

Thank you all for your help and see you at the club. If you have any questions, please make contact with:

Andrew McEvoy 0409 229 101

Cherub Rep VA12SC or

Richard Steyn Commodore VA12SC

Map – Watsons Bay - Gibson’s Beach Reserve – VA12SC



WA Nationals 2017 Info Pack (Fri 27 January 2017)





Event Description

The 55th Australian National Cherub Championship will be held at Geographe Bay Yacht Club (G.B.Y.C) located at 1 King Street, Busselton WA 6280. Racing will be held inside the bay area with launching off the beach with little to no swell. Busselton is located approximately 2.5hrs from Perth, however regular buses make the trip routinely from the airport.



The championship is planned for the 27th Dec 2017 to the 5th Jan 2018 with the 27th & 28th being measurement.



Transportation to Busselton form the airport in Perth is available from many services:


As well as bus and shuttle services WA Cherub sailors will have spare seats & will be more than happy to fill them depending on what days and time flights arrive. Please contact the WA Association Representatives to organise a seat accordingly.









Containers containing boats will be stored inside a fenced area at the club close to the rigging lawn. For container transport please advise so that delivery and storage can be planned for.




There is plenty of accommodation within walking distance of the club also close to shops and the town centre. Please have a look at the below links to see accommodation pictures, locations, and rates:



  • Busselton Villas and Caravan Park 15mins Walk
  • Big4 Beachlands Holiday Park 30mins Walk
  • Amaroo Motel 15mins Walk
  • Busselton Ithaca Motel 30mins Walk
  • Esplanade Hotel Busselton 20mins Walk
  • Gale Street Motel and Villas 12mins Walk
  • Kookaburra Caravan Park 25mins Walk
  • Observatory Guest House 20mins Walk
  • Paradise Motor Inn 20mins Walk
  • Royal Palms Resort Busselton 18mins Walk



As well as the above accommodation it’s recommended to have a look at;

Stayz, Airbnb and Gumtree as the area has plenty of holiday houses at reasonable prices close to the Yacht Club & Busselton City Centre.

The Geographe Bay Yacht Club offer non powered Camping Sites for $15 per night, please contact WA Cherub Association Representatives for further information.

WA Cherub Association contacts:


  • President: Todd McVee 0404 232 995
  • Vice President: Brad Luketina 0401 183 903
  • Treasurer: Teesh Cook 0478 022 692
  • Secretary: Virginia Horn 0425 995 661





GBYC & Beach Front

54th Australian Cherub Championship - Videos (Mon 9 January 2017)


The Cherub class is doing well here in Australia, with over 40 boats turning out for the titles. Cherubs are designed to allow innovation and at a min hull weight of 51 kgs a fair bit lighter than its contemporaries. The class has a great fun and slightly anarchistic (read Skiff) culture. They are sailed by mostly young crews 16 – 30 yrs old, but some older guys and ladies are still engaged.

Great work from Ollie Hartas, who when he isn’t sailing his Cherub, 18 foot skiff or otherwise, is a videographer specialising in sailing vids.


54th Australian Cherub Championship - Results (Mon 9 January 2017)

Check out the full results for the 54th Australian Cherub Championship here

and all previous Winners here


Ronstan 2016-17 Cherub NSW State Title Sailing Instructions (Wed 26 October 2016)

Ronstan 2016-17 Cherub NSW State Title Sailing Instructions are now available

Download now and print so you have a copy for this weekend at Belmont


Ronstan 2016-2017 Cherub NSW State Title NOR (Sun 16 October 2016)

2016-17 Cherub NSW State Championship

Open: Best placed boat at the completion of the championship series.
Junior: Best placed skipper under the age of 21 and over the age of 18 on the 1st of
December 2016.
Cadet: Best placed skipper under the age of 18 on the 1st of December 2016.
Handicap: Best placed boat on handicap at the completion of the championship.

Notice of Race is now available

Click here to download NOR

Click here to enter Online now

Final 2016-17 NSW Cherub Regatta Calendar (Sun 22 May 2016)

2016-17 NSW Cherub Regatta Calendar
Saturday, 29 October 2016 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 1 - Belmont 16ft SC
Sunday, 30 October 2016 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 1 - Belmont 16ft SC
Saturday, 26 November Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 2 - Drummoyne SC
Sunday, 27 November 2016 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 2 - Drummoyne SC
Tuesday, 27 December 2016 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Thursday, 29 December 2016 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Friday, 30 December 2016 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Sunday, 1 January 2017 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Monday, 2 January 2017 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Tuesday, 3 January 2017 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Wednesday, 4 January 2017 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Thursday, 5 January 2017 54th CHERUB Australian Championships - Drummoyne SC
Saturday, 4 February 2017 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 3 - Lane Cove 12ft SSC
Sunday, 5 February 2017 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 3 - Vaucluse 12ft ASC
Saturday, 4 March 2017 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 4 -Teralba Amateur SC
Sunday, 5 March 2017 Ronstan CHERUB NSW State Championship Round 4 -Teralba Amateur SC

54th Cherub Australian Championship (Wed 16 March 2016)


The Notice of Race for the 54th Cherub Australian Championship to be hosted by Drummoyne Sailing Club from the 28th December 2016 to the 5th January 2017 is now available for download

Notice of Race

For those coming from interstate look here for Accommodation Options to help you find accommodation close to the club.


New Rule Changes are Final (Tue 5 August 2014)

The results of voting on the recent remit are now complete. Boat owners voting was mainly in favour of all the proposed changes, however, the restrictions on GPS use and rudder extension length were very close.

The latest rules and measurements can be viewed here Latest Measurement Rules 2014
NB: There will be a sail measurement guide to be read in conjunction with these new rules.

If you any questions please feel free to contact the National Technical Officer, Wayne Torpy, or your state Technical Officer.

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Complete Composites in Western Australia now offers construction packages for building Cherubs. Please see the Complete Composite page for further details.

Cherub News May 2010 (Sun 9 May 2010)

NSW CHS 2010 (Sun 11 April 2010)

The NSW CHS was recently held at Belmont Sailing Club with several Cherubs participating.


Photo by Chris Bulloch

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NSW States Results (Wed 17 March 2010)